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LO-X offers an easy, stimulating and effective method for Life Orientation revision and exam preparation. Over 1000 quality-checked questions, with detailed answers to support the learning process and e-mailed reports to parents and teachers for progress and portfolio purposes.

LO-X | What is LO-X


LO-X is your Online Informal Assessment and Examination Preparation Solution.
A vast bank of quality assured, CAPS aligned LO Exam questions and automatic marking covering the complete spectrum of assessment from Grades 8 to 12.


Many students don't get Life Orientation, they are not sure how one learns for LO and struggle to identify the key themes. Exam techniques are best improved through regular practice and detailed memo answer guidance. Teachers need to expose students to revision type questions in class or for homework – with evidence of completion for their portfolios. Setting additional practice questions prior to exams helps students identify gaps and boost their confidence. Parents would like to receive progress reports.

LO-X | Why LO-X
LO-X | How?


LO-X offers flexibility and convenience for teachers – when selecting questions (from the question bank) that they would like their students to attempt. Time consuming marking and lengthy post activity class reviews can be curtailed through the detailed memo answers and automatic marking.

Students can choose from a range of recommended test compilations to practice writing mock exams. Students can go at their own pace and practice from anywhere at anytime.

Reports are automatically generated and emailed after each session – detailing student name, date, time, grade, topic(s) covered, score, questions, student’s answers and correct answers.


Currently LO-X is only available for registered Teenactiv member schools – with each school receiving free access to one grade for their students and free access to all grades for their teachers.

Information regarding pricing and registration costs for interested schools, students and teachers will be available as of 1st November 2020.

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